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Scan First is always miles ahead in Non-Destructive Concrete scanning while maintaining the structure's integrity and stability. We bring well-structured accurate data for builders, engineers, and contractors so that they can make knowledgeable decisions for their plans.

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We Are?

What Sets Us Apart

Scan First is a Subordinate company of Alberta Masonry, specializing in efficient Concrete scans for the past decade in the Calgary area. Our experienced professionals use the latest technological concrete scanners to bring the most accurate visual results for industries to assist them in Counter-Faults.  

3-D Imaging System

Our Modern Scanners process 3-D images of the site that helps to reveal the internal sight of the structures. Consequently, it uncovers defects without any Destruction.

Real-Time Analysis

Our Detection scanners bring a Real internal trajectory of concrete that Minimizes the risk of Hitting hidden objects inside the framework.

Quick-Scan Detection

Our Quick-Scan detection offers fluent operations that visualize data with a faster speed. As a result, it inspects hundreds of Square meters of concrete within a day.


Utility Locating
Concrete Scanning
Mapping & Modeling

Services We Provide

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